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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So last Friday, I lost the place I was sleeping and had to find something else.  In desperation, I ended up taking a tiny apartment in the town of South Beloit, Illinois, just across Turtle Creek from Wisconsin.  It's time's like these that make a man wonder "How?", "Why?"

* * *

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, I'm just going day by day. A few weeks back I was happy to find that the 2010 Milwaukee Zine Fest was coming up soon, so I immediately signed on. Milwaukee is only about an hour from where I sleep, and I've always had a curiosity about it. Even though I grew up in Chicago (90 miles from Milwaukee) I've only been there 3 or 4 times ever. And it remains kind of a mystery to me. So I thought, zines, Milwaukee... let's go.

The Fest was held in the Falcon's Nest club in the Riverwest neighborhood (The club is home to the fourth oldest bowling alley in America!). Walking inside I was reminded of why I love the Midwest so much. Down to earth, somewhat lost in time, wood paneling. I set up and the show began.

Falcon's Club mailbox.

World War 3 Illustrated table et al.

The Spit and a Half corner.

I thought this was amusing.

Denver homie Kelly Shortandqueer was there sporting his mind-blowing Justin Bieber tee.

On the way home I tried to take a picture of the World's Largest Can of Chili from the highway.  That yellowish blotch in the left-center is it.  Maybe next time I'll get a better pic.

Anyhow, the Fest was a blast.  Everybody was so nice.  It almost made me wanna move to Milwaukee!

* * *

Thursday, November 11, 2010


So, after Florida, I headed north. I ran out of money and gumption in rural North Central Illinois. This is where I live now.

This is the front yard. I know what you're thinking-- "Oh, it's nice!"

This is my "office", where I pull off to the side of the road to make phone calls, the closest place to where I sleep that I have cell reception.

This is the truck stop.

This is the library, where I check emails, update this blog and otherwise kill time.

This is the WalMart, where I wander at night in search of people I can relate to. One time I talked to a guy about the Cubs.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I was walking to the car the other day when I noticed a nice fat Woolly Bear caterpillar on the driveway behind the rear right wheel.  I watched it for a bit and managed to take a few photos.

The Woolly Bear is the larva of the Isabella Tiger Moth (Pyrrharctia isabella), whose eggs hatch in the fall and live out the winter in caterpillar form.  It pupates in the spring and spends the summer as a flying adult.

Legend has it, of course, that the coloring on the Woolly Bear can predict the severity of the coming winter. If the reddish band is large, the winter will be mild; if the black areas are more predominant, the winter will be harsh. This is a fact.

I was worried I'd back over the little bugger, so I picked him up on a piece of paper.  He rolled into a ball and played dead.  I put him off to the side, in some leaves, and when I came back from my errands, he was gone.