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Monday, January 12, 2015


I feel like something has snapped, and I really need to rethink the way I'm interacting with the internet, or the world, or comics, or something.

Friday, January 9, 2015


In honor of France’s national day of mourning, bye-bye. 24 hours away from the internet is the least I can do.

From Tom Spurgeon’s Comics Reporter:

"Taking someone’s life because they expressed an idea or were in proximity to the expression of an idea someone finds objectionable is an astonishing thing. Murder is an astonishing thing. As many friends that I have in the comics world that speak so eloquently on being affirmed in one’s identity or how one expresses oneself, let me suggest that murder is someone deciding the exact opposite of those things for you. Every possibility of you is now denied. When death comes upon you suddenly, my experience is you become acutely aware of what is being taken away. Seeing your dog? You don’t get to do that anymore. Making art? You’re done making art. That blissful five minutes just sitting on your couch getting your head together? Gone. Every possible thing you can express in term of wanting to do it, you don’t get to do now. Reading a big stack of comics from six months before you started reading those particular titles? Never again. Helping your Mom out with her computer even though it drives you nuts? She won’t be able to ask you to do that anymore and your absence will be a chasm in her heart. Loving and being loved in return? You’re separated from at least your earthly conception of it and in many world views that’s over, too. I felt this yesterday for the people where this decision was made for them and even in a different way for the one of those apparently three lost souls who lost his life acting out on principles and ideas and values that I don’t understand at all and wonder how he came to them. Murder deserves a period." — Tom Spurgeon


Drawing by the great Laurent Lolm├Ęde