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Friday, November 11, 2011


So there I was heading east through the darkness towards Pittsburgh: Quad Cities, Chicago.  I got lost in NW Indiana and ended up in Michigan, where I almost hit a wayward deer.  Then Toledo.  I made it a little bit west of Cleveland before calling it a night.  Woke up at dawn and drove into Pittsburgh a few hours later.

Dawn rises over the Cuyahoga.

I was in town for the Pittsburgh Indie Expo, held on the beautiful top floor of a renovated warehouse.  I was excited to be back in PGH, because I've made a few pretty good friends there, and, in the days leading up to the show I was able to convince Dave Kiersh, one of my favorite artists, to make the trip out from Long Island.  And it's always great to see him.

The show went well.  There's a strong but steady creative vibe in Pittsburgh that I really like.  It's like half east coast, half midwestern.  Which is a pretty cool combo.

Spit and a Half table, PIX 2011

Dave Kiersh makes a new fan.

Views from the PIX space.


What It Is, indeed.

Dave Kiersh makes another new fan.

M. Young and Mark of Kindlin' Quarterly zine.  We went out and got Indian food Saturday night. (Photo by Hillary Rehm)

Obscuro stalwarts Max "White Buffalo Gazette" Traffic and Mike "Modernman" Hill.  (Photo by Hillary Rehm)

Three generations of UG cartoonists: Max Traffic, Ed Piskor,
John P., Kevin Czap.  (Photo by Hillary Rehm)

Jim Rugg's cat, Kirby, AKA: Trouble With a Capital T.

Then I drove home.

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