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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hey all,

I'm heading out in a few hours to Brooklyn for BCGF 2012.  I'll have a full line of King-Cat stuff, PLUS:  Complete John Miller Three Volume sets, Carrie McNinch, Blank Slate UK including all the Oliver East books, Mawil, Little Hearts, Cara Bean, Zak Sally, Mille Putois, La Pasteque, a wide selection of KUŠ titles, Jason Martin, Tom Hart, Retrofit, and lots more!

THEN, on Sunday I'll be doing a slideshow of stories from King-Cat #73 at R. Sikoryak's CAROUSEL event.

So come on down!

This will be my last trip of the year, as Old Uncle John is getting mighty burned out.  I'll be spending the winter drawing the Hospital Suite book (from D+Q, with an ETA of Spring 2014), and King-Cat #74, and not driving cross country.

Thanks for everything!
John P.

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