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John P. has a PATREON. / King-Cat 81 is OUT.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


At the time this is posted I will most likely be somewhere in Nebraska, sleeping in a Wal-Mart parking lot in the cab of a rental truck.  Yes, Ol' John P. is homeless once more.

Why, you ask?  It has something to do with chromosomes and lizards:  I'm moving down to Florida, child.  I figured any town named after the founder of Mad Magazine is OK with me.

Please continue to use the Denver PO Box for all orders and correspondence, unless you have personally heard otherwise from me...  I'll be in Gainesville for a month or so, knocking out the new King-Cat (#71), which will be available just before I leave for my West Coast Tour in mid-August.  West Coast Tour, you ask?  Yes.  Noah and I are gonna be hitting up Minneapolis (West Coast of the Mississippi?), followed by Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC, Berkeley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe, before alighting once more in our fair city of Denver, where we're gonna shoot out the lights with a KC 71 Release/Tour-ending/Birthday/Farewell Denver Party at Kilgore.  And then I'm going back to Gainesville.  Details on all this will be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, thanks everybody!  See you on the road!

John P.

My Mom getting kissed by a monkey in Florida, circa 1967.


  1. You'll love Gainesville. University atomosphere.

  2. good luck John. Prayers are with you. Chris Mostyn. If you ever need to crash in Springfield for a night my family would gladly open the doors for you.

  3. on to new adventures...it is hard out here for everybody these days...keep us all in the loop.

  4. All the good luck for both of you!

  5. We're looking forward to seeing you in Seattle!!!

  6. good luck man! it's sad to see you go, but it was awesome getting to meet you while you were in Denver.


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