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Saturday, December 18, 2010


So, I'm settling into my life in South Beloit.  It consists of visiting the library, cooking food, drawing, and sleeping as much as possible.  ("Thank the Lord for the Nighttime.")  It's not so bad, really.  Here's a little tour of my new home:

Drawing table.

Corner with headboard.

"Entertainment Center."  (I get CBS, and a weird station from Wisconsin...)

My Dad's Chair.

Library haul, on bed. 

Pictured: Charles M. Schulz: Conversations, Secret Identity (Joe Shuster and Craig Yoe), Duchamp biography by Calvin Tomkins, Drinking at the Movies (Julia Wertz, highly recommended!), Abandoned Cars (Tim Lane), misc. Dan Clowes collections, Sayings of Zen Master Joshu, Art of the Postmodern Era (Irving Sandler).

View from bathroom window, early morning.

View from Kitchen window, morning.

Warning: Skweezils Have Been Sighted In This Area.

Don't Forget!

Decal on inside of medicine cabinet, bathroom.

More: medicine cabinet interior.

Shower stall sign.

View from bathroom window, daylight.

"Work" Table.  (No one ever accused me of being too organized!)

"No Pets"



  1. A) I like that the previous occupant 'supported' -- PAST TENSE -- the 1984 Olympic team. Maybe if the fans hadn't been so casual, we would've kicked the sh*t out of Russia more!

    B) This actually looks like a pretty cute place -- I'm psyched to set up a visit.

  2. So...when are ya gonna invite me up fer a visit??? I've got the purrrrfect housewarming gift.

  3. I'd be listening to Bon Iver constantly. Hell, I am listening to Bon Iver constantly.

    Love the shot from the kitchen window.

  4. Looks like a fine artist's retreat!


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