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Monday, May 16, 2011


I woke up Friday and Met Canadian stalwart Dave Lapp at The Beguiling, where we happened to run into the great Julia Wertz and Sarah Glidden.  Dave and I went to brunch and I made plans to meet up with Sarah and Julia later.

The Beguiling -- one of the world's great comics shops.

Dave Lapp and John P.

Chili for breakfast.

Toronto street scenes...

Spadina Avenue.

L-R: John P., Sarah Glidden, Lisa Hanawalt (Photo by Julia Wertz).  You don't want to know what we were talking about!

Afterwards I headed over the the TCAF venue for a roundtable discussion with Chester Brown, Adrian Tomine, Seth, and Chris Ware (Moderated by Picturebox's Dan Nadel).  Wow.

Walking home Friday night.

Spit and a Half table, TCAF Day One.

Tom Devlin sells the shit out of some Chris Ware.

La Mano magnate Zak Sally busts ass on his Blackberry.

La Pasteque table.  Beautiful!

Mademoiselles Sarah Glidden and Julia Wertz.

Edie Fake at the Secret Acres table.

Super-Canadian Dave Lapp.

Tugboat Press' Greg Means.

"I love Canada THIS much!"

Saturday crowd, as seen from the staircase.

Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong at the Koyama Press mega-table.

Dinner at Fresh Saturday evening.  Clockwise from top left: Sparkplug's Dylan Williams, Tom Neely, John P., Zak Sally.

Sunday I was tailed for Austrian TV.

Mr. Chester Brown.

The inimitable Annie Koyama.

Out on the street for a living:  Lisa Hanawalt, Tom Neely, Tom Kaczynski, John P., Dylan Williams; Sunday evening.

Big Party at Miller's: JP, Mister Shyler, Tom Neely; AKA "Baguette Basement."

We only ordered soft drinks, and the staff figured out we were Yankees, so they blasted us with a projected Stanley Cup playoff game.

Zak "Mr. Smooth" Sally, and assorted non-alcoholic beverages.

"Doesn't anyone speak American around here?!?"

* * *

NEXT: Kingston and Montreal

Some images courtesy Sarah Glidden, Dave Lapp, Tom Neely, and Julia Wertz.
Thanks guys! 


  1. Thanks Yuri-- but truth be told, it's more of a Replacements reference for me!


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