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Monday, June 13, 2011


Last weekend I was honored to participate in the 2nd Annual COMICS & MEDICINE Conference, held this year in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois.  It was an amazing weekend.  I met lots of great people, many for the first time, and was able to talk a bit about both my own health experiences, and the new book The Next Day.  Fun Fotos Follow:

Let's all learn about comics!

The conference was held at the Northwestern University School of Law off Michigan Avenue.  Wow, the storied halls of academia!!!

My table.

Crowds swarm the Quimby's booth.

Where's all the video games at?

Quimby's table, L-R: Liz, Adam, Sarah, and Another Satisfied Customer™.

Friday evening there was a nice reception with free booze and teriyaki sticks.  Everyone had a good time.  (Above: Liz, Hillary Chute, and conference organizer, GP, and cartoonist Ian Williams.)

Conference organizer (and nurse) MK Czerwiec.
(Photo courtesy Phoebe Gloeckner)

(Photo courtesy Phoebe Gloeckner)
Phoebe documenting Liz's arm.

John P. looking teriyaki'd out.
(Photo courtesy Phoebe Gloeckner)

JP and PG.

Scott, Phoebe, and Hillary begin some sort of "Hand Jive"/"Sharks vs Jets" thing that I couldn't figure out.

Sneer contest?  I have no idea.

Paul Gravett and Scott McCloud Understand Comics together.
Plaid Squad: Ian, Phoebe, John P., Chris Lanier, McCloud.
(Photo courtesy Phoebe Gloeckner)

After rocking the Wyndham Hotel's giant Dom Perignon (?) I returned to Liz's for a good night's rest on her couch.  Above: Oshinko the Cat.


Lake Shore Drive, day two of the conference.

Comics & Medicine art display.

A page from The Next Day.

The conference closed with an amazing lecture by the great Scott McCloud.  If you ever get a chance to see him speak, jump on it!

Things wrapped up with a booksigning at Quimby's.  That's Brian Fies (Conference organizer and Mom's Cancer author) leaning over the table, and David Small (Stitches) in the lower right-hand corner.

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