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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Woke up early for the show (Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival), and had my first cup of coffee since 2005.  Delerium, including headaches and unstoppable visions of comic books, ensued.

The Teeming Masses congregate outside the Fest.

The view inside.

Dr. Jeckyll
(Photo by Phoebe Gloeckner)

Mr. Hyde
(Photo by Phoebe Gloeckner)

Spit and a Half table. (Photo by Phoebe)

The Brooklyn Fest was an amazing success. The only thing is it was so busy I had basically no time to ever leave my table. I managed to scramble out the last half-hour and see people briefly, but a lot of folks had already left or were sold out of stuff by then. And there were tons of artists that I didn't even know were there until I came home and read people's recaps online.

The day after the fest, my host Julia Wertz and I met up with Sarah Glidden and Zak Sally for a walk across the bridge into Manhattan.

Such is life in the Hundred Acre Wood.


A stop at the Brooklyn Reliquary (Neon sign salesman's sampler case).  (Photo by Sarah)

Breakfast at that place on Union.  Not Shown: James McShane.

Sampling the "Gummi Fried Egg" from a junk food shop in Chinatown.  I'm trying to decide whether to puke or ask for more.  (Photo by Sarah.)  It tasted like a combination of coconut and artificial buttery flavor.

Getting my head squished in Zuccotti Park.  Occupy!
(Photo by Julia Wertz)

* * *

Scenes from the Brooklyn Bridge:

(Statue of Liberty)

Sarah, Zak, and Julia.

Anyhow, we walked about nine miles that Sunday.  I drove Zak to the airport and came back to Julia's place to decorate the cat, which she enjoyed:


(Cat photo by Julia Wertz)

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