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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hey everyone, here's my first comic of the new year. It'll appear in all its newsprint and smeared-ink glory in the upcoming Roctober 50th issue extravaganza. And probably in King-Cat 73 as well, which I hope to have out by the end of summer.

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So what else is going on? Well, I have some plans for 2012, let's see what happens. I really hope to get back onto a two issue a year schedule for King-Cat. The last bunch of years have been so confusing and unpredictable for me that it was hard to do. But things are settling in here and hopefully I can get it done. I have plenty of stories, just not a lot of focus.

On the tour front, I'll be heading to the Southeast again in a month or so-- for a 5-day workshop I'm running with Tom Hart at the new Sequential Artist's Workshop in Gainesville. (There's still one slot open, so if you're interested contact the school ASAP!)

After Gainesville, I'll head up the coast with stops at SCAD, Duke University, Chapel Hill Comics, and Atomic Books in Baltimore. Dates here.

Convention-wise, I know for sure I'll be at SPACE (Columbus), TCAF (Toronto), CAKE (Chicago), and SPX. Probably a bunch of regional shows too (Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis etc). I'll be in Gainesville during the CHICAGO ZINE FEST (sigh), but Jake of Roctober will be manning a stripped down Spit and a Half table for me there.

Speaking of Spit and a Half: In the nineties when I was running the distro, my plan was to start publishing other people's books as well. I began with comix-zines from Jenny Zervakis, Tom Hart, and Jeff Zenick, but health issues prevented me from moving forward on that front. Well, I have slow, tentative plans to begin publishing again, beginning with a new international comics anthology called POSSUM, out sometime this year. Check back for details. And other ideas which shall remain unannounced at this point.

Meanwhile, I'll continue work on THE HOSPITAL SUITE, my all-new collection of comics for D+Q. It'll include three medium-length stories, The Hospital Suite, 1998, and True Anxiety, documenting my health issues of the past 15 years. A barrel of laughs, for sure! (Actually, it won't be all doom and gloom, I promise!) Perhaps this book will be published in 2013?

OK. That's plenty. Best of luck to everyone in 2012. Let's hope the world doesn't end.

John P.


  1. Glad you feel well enough to get back in the publisher's chair, and start producing more yourself! Am very excited by your plans, and look forward to seeing what the year holds.x

  2. Love Mr Bowser. I snuck into some Bo derek nc 17 movie like that once. Total let down.
    If Van Halen had not represented total mindless conformity as the norm for my Junior high I might have liked them. Its funny how Halen and ac dc became guilty by association.
    HUSKER DU! Art


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