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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Last Saturday the South Beloit Fire Department held their 4th Annual Corn Boil, so after a hard day at work I moseyed on down to check it out.  It was hot, but for once the heat just felt like August instead of like being inside a blast furnace.

The whole city seemed to come alive for the Corn Boil.  As I walked over, numerous groups of kids shared the sidewalks with me, people on bicycles rolled past, pick-up trucks wound their way through the city streets.

Gateway to a Corn Boil.

Crowds gather for the Softball Tourney.

Inflatable things.

Some of that world-famous South Beloit sand.

The crew from Miss Vikki's Ribs was on the job.

Boiling the proverbial corn.

Vietnam Veterans of America.