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Friday, September 28, 2012


 Saturday was the big day.  Got up early and set up the Spit and a Half Zone.  I was sharing a table with Noah, Joseph Remnant, Lisa Hanawalt, and Domatille Collardey, so space was tight.  But fun.

Joseph and Noah: Reverse Boppsey Twinz.  Weird, huh?

Two of comics' best and brightest:  Jim Rugg and Tom Neely.

The excitement, the thrill, that is SPX...

Domatille and Lisa hold down the fort.

Lisa and I compare animal-themed shirts.  (Photo by Julia Wertz)

Saturday was a rough one for me.  I failed to eat anything substantial, and didn't drink enough water.  Couple that with bodily exhaustion and too much Diet Cherry Pepsi™, and, well, you get blurry pictures.

Adrian Tomine signs at the D+Q booth.

Tracy Hurren and Julia Pohl-Miranda of D+Q, with a shocked, shocked I say, Brian Ralph.

Julia Wertz signs copies of her new book The Infinite Wait, with publisher Annie Koyama in the background.

MariNaomi.  Whoa, I really should have paid attention to those blood sugar levels.

Oily Comics' Chuck Forsman!

Kilgore Books founder, and Blammo publisher, Dan Stafford showed up!  What's with the dress code you guys?

Here I am checking out Noah's new book, The Hypo.  (Photo by Fanta's Jen Vaughn)

Sunday I actually ate food and drank water, and things went much better.  Everyone said this was the bestest SPX ever, and maybe they were right!  I got to see a lot of great people, and pick up a lot of great books.  I love the social aspect of SPX, where everyone is constantly hanging out and passing each other in the hallways.  


The sad remnants of someone's Ignatz Dream.

Nerdage:  NVS, Neely, Mike Dawson, Joseph.

The weekend concluded with the highlight:  getting to have dinner Sunday night with Los Bros at a nice Indian restaurant. Can you believe I got to shoot the bull with Gilbert about Marvel Masterworks and Harvey Horror comics the whole time?  (L-R: Gilbert Hernandez, Jen Vaughn, Jaime Hernandez, Neely, Remnant, NVS, JP -- Photo by Jacq Cohen.)

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