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Thursday, November 15, 2012


So, Sunday, I had a reading to do at R. Sikoryak's CAROUSEL series, where cartoonists perform their works.  But before that Julia, Tom Kaczynski, Jon Lewis and Karen, Domatille, Julia Gfrörer and I all went to that one place we always go for breakfast.  I made damn sure to get a copy of the receipt!  Then we walked over to the amazing Desert Island shop and ogled the goods, and I went to do the performance.

At breakfast, Julia Gfrörer and Tom Kaczynski explain to Domatille who the Great American Philosopher Ayn Rand is.  Domatille is like "WHAT???"
(Photo by Julia Wertz)

Tom K. and John P. at Des I.
(Photo by Julia Wertz)

CAROUSEL was very cool, with readings by Nine Antico (France), Sikoryak, me, Dongery Collective (Norway), Fremok (Belgium), and Molly Colleen O'Connell (Baltimore).

Afterwards I was wandering the streets in a funk, taking pictures.  I was so busy feeling sorry for myself, I didn't even realize that that was Gabrielle Bell walking towards me (below)!

Gabrielle and Steve saved the day by taking me to the art supply store.

At the store I impulsively bought a tiny rubber Bald Eagle for my girlfriend.  I named him Obama, and kept him in the palm of my hand.  Stroking his back kind of calmed me down.

We walked together to the Soloway Gallery for the Blexbolex/Richard McGuire/Olivier Schwaren exhibit.  The gallery wasn't open yet, but who was that peering into the window longingly?  It was Blexbolex himself!

We took him for a walk through Brooklyn, over the BQE, down Metropolitan, and I showed him my eagle Obama, the symbol of our great nation.  We were standing at the stoplight on 4th Street, and when it turned green we started across--  but a loud little import was roaring down 4th Street right at us!  We jumped back in a panic and the car squealed and slid to a stop, smoke pouring from its tires.  I showed Blexbolex the eagle, and told him that the Spirit of American Exceptionalism had saved us.

At the Gallery:  Richard McGuire's Popeye and Olive drawings.


Olivier Schwauren.

More Blexbolex.

L-R: Dre Grigoropol, Patrick Porter look-a-like Peter Larsson, Blexbolex, Ben Catmull.

At the gallery I noticed that the rubber eagle had a small stamp underneath reading "CHINA," so I renamed him Romney.

I went back to Julia's to watch the Bears lose to the Texans, and lick my wounds.  I was beyond depressed.  I needed to come up with a better plan.

Got up the next morning and said Fuhgeddaboudit, I'm going home.

Fog on the bridge.

It started pouring buckets of rain in Western Pennsylvania.  I poured out my heart to Zak, and talked football with Porter.  The miles rolled by.

I feel like I defied the laws of physics in doing so, but I started the day in New York City and ended the day back in Chicago.

Sweet Home!

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