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Friday, January 25, 2013


So we survived 2012, most of us, barely.  The Corporate States of America continues its inexorable slide into decay and madness.  The Good Guy won as drones rain down, and George Orwell looks upon us with tears in his eyes.  We are at war with Eastasia, we have always been at war with Eastasia, we will always be at war with Eastasia.  Meanwhile, OUR GUNS!  And the Republicons continue to devise shameless new ways of perverting our so-called democracy.

So let's talk about comics.  I'm a cartoonist.  I continue to go forth with comics into this stupid mess of a brutal world.  The birds sing.

At last, at last, at last, I've begun drawing The Hospital Suite, which will be a book from Drawn & Quarterly that compiles three new medium-length stories about my health crises, both physical and mental.  It will be a hoot, and it should be available sometime in 2014, God willing.

I'll also be knocking out King-Cat #74, hopefully by June, for CAKE, the Chicago Alt-Comix show.  

Since 2007 I've traveled extensively, signing books, attending comics festivals etc.  This year I'll be keeping a relatively low profile.  TCAF in Toronto (in May) will be my big trip of the year, with other shows being of the more local (ie one-day's drive) variety.  I plan on being in Columbus, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, etc, Midwestern locales all.

The reason is-- 2014 will be a whopper.  That year will see: 1. the King-Cat 25th Anniversary, 2. the release of the aforementioned Hospital Suite book from D+Q, 3. King-Cat #75 - the All-Maisie Issue, and 4. the release of Root Hog or Die!, the long awaited King-Cat documentary film.  So I will be on the road a lot that year.  Might as well stay close to home for now and get a lot of work done.

Speaking of staying close to home, I'm doing another 5-Day workshop at Tom Hart's wonderful SAW school in Gainesville, Florida, February 25-March 1.  If you wanna sign up, please do so soon!

Anyhow.  I'm doing my best to stay focused and productive, and it's possible that this year will also see the release of a few other titles from me--  South Beloit Journal, a collection of 2011 diary comics, and Flyers: 1988-2010, an anthology of gig posters (both from La Mano).  Wish me luck.

And maybe POSSUM too.  I wish I had a million dollars.

Love you,
John P.


  1. So many great irons in the fire, John. I can't wait to read 'em all! Good luck hunkering down. I will think of you at your drawing table while I am at mine!

  2. Awesome man, that's exciting! Is that the documentary that Dan was filming?


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