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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Stephanie and I got back from Gainesville yesterday evening after a 17 hour white-knuckle ride from Atlanta to Beloit in pouring rain, sleet, and then whiteout blowing snow where you couldn't tell where the interstate ended and the great blue yonder began.  We're exhausted, but safe and sound.

While I was down there (running a 5-Day Comix Workshop at SAW), Tom Hart and I put together this little booklet of Florida Wildlife.  A portion of all proceeds go to the Sequential Artists Workshop, as fine an institution as I have ever seen.  More on the trip soon, but meanwhile, ordering info is below.  Thanks!

16 pages, drawn by John Porcellino, 4.25" x 5.5"
Two-color risograph printed by Tom Hart at SAW in Gainesville, Florida
(10 animal illustrations inside)

USA: $3.00 ppd check or mo / $3.40 via PayPal*

Check/MO to:
John Porcellino
PO Box 142
South Beloit, IL 
61080 USA

PayPal to: kingcat_paypal AT hotmail DOT com

*Wisconsin residents, please add 5.5% to your total.  Thanks!

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