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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hey all,

I'll be out on the road again, starting this weekend (April 13-14) with the great SPACE show in Columbus Ohio, one of my favorite towns in America.  Come on out and see Eamon Espey and Lisa Krause's puppet show based on his brilliant new Secret Acres book Songs of the Abyss.

Then I'll be moseyin' my way over to Pittsburgh, one of my favorite towns in America, for a cool event on Saturday April 20, called DRAWING POWER: Comics, Zines, and Books in Pittsburgh and Beyond!

And THEN, it looks like I'll be spending Monday April 22nd at Oberlin College, doing some lecturing/workshopping (details TBA).

Once I'm back home I've got clear sailing right through August, so I'm hoping to get a lot of work done, including finishing up both King-Cat #74 and The Hospital Suite (D+Q, 2014).

See you 'round!
John P.

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