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Monday, November 11, 2013


Saturday was the Milwaukee Zine Fest, my last show of what was a very busy year, show-wise.  I told myself I was gonna stay home in 2013 and try to get a bunch of drawing done and just go to shows in the Midwest, no big road trips... but I still was on the road seemingly every other weekend from March to November.  It kind of burned me out, to tell the truth.  Luckily, the Milwaukee Zine Fest may be my favorite show of them all, so it's nice to go out on a positive note.

Spit and a Half table

View from the ledge

MZF is held in the Polish Falcon's Lodge in the Riverwest neighborhood.  It's a classic Midwestern lodge, all wood paneling, linoleum, and beer.  In the basement is the 4th oldest bowling alley in the United States.

It's hard sometimes to describe to people why I love the Midwest so much, but the feeling here in the Falcon Bowl is why.  It's a feeling made up of hard work, laughter, humility, and appreciation.  People are genuine.

Browsing with Ren.

Unknown doggie in backpack

This was my fourth year of attending MZF, and it was the best one yet.  People came through steadily all day, I had some good conversations, bought some cool books, and sold a bunch of comics and zines to cool people.  It doesn't get any better than that...  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm trying desperately to summon up the gumption to print the new King-Cat.  It's been all done, sitting there on my drawing table, for the last two weeks.  I just need to scan it, clean it up, and send it to the printers.  But I'm in one of those conditions where I simply don't care if I ever publish another comic in my life.  This will change though, and the book will come out.  Look for it around the end of the month!

Yours, from Sunny Beloit,
John P.

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