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Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hi all,

Trying to get back into the swing of things and keep the ol' blog updated more regularly.  In real life, I've been hustling to finish The Hospital Suite book in time to have it out for SPX.  Also, beginning to schedule a tour of the Northeast and Midwest to follow the book's release in September.

Out here it's been a very cold, very snowy winter so far.  Which is good for getting comics done.

I'm also working hard at getting my 2013 comics "best-of" list written-- it's about twice as long as any other list I've compiled in the past.  Anyhow, it's always best to get it posted long after everyone else, so it's dutifully ignored...  I'll try to have it up in a week or so!

Meanwhile, if you haven't picked up the new King-Cat yet, it should be in all the usual stores, and if not, feel free to order a copy direct! Info here.

Thanks everyone!
John P.

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  1. hello John. shovel'n snow was fun activity for me when i visited my norwegian babe a few years ago. i liked it for its light and fluffy workout. heavy, wet and icey, not so nicey. could be good reading wether. could inspire a song...

    all high humidity without seasonal change here in south east asia. can you imagine existing without feeling the season changes? today it's cool and breezy above the jungle canopy from storey 7. weird good day.

    i'm migrating to more creative fulfillment, i think. following up on a ceramic studio assistant opportunity, shortly. like to work with hands and imagination. i like your mosquito abatement operator to budhism collection. read it about a year ago. made an impression. laughed out loud and saddened inside. mostly smiled and got inspired. what a ride. slap your back real manly a few times for me.

    sounds like you got a lot of existing work and desires to act on. keep going. don't freeze your balls off.


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