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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

CAKE 2014

Tablemates Zak Sally and Noah Van Sciver

So, my last big show until the fall -- CAKE 2014.  In only its third year, CAKE feels like a well oiled and FUN comics festival.  So many people make the trip out, and Chicago itself has such a remarkable comics scene, that the whole thing feels like a family reunion.  Add to that the laid back Midwestern vibe and you've got a winner.

Saturday I spent a bunch of time wandering around and saying hi to people; Sunday I stayed at my table and when I was away I ran around quickly picking up great comics.

Noah with the illustrious Tony Millionaire

Victor "Bald Eagles" Cayro and Becca Kacanda

Millionaire, JP, and Mt. Baldy

When Tony stood up he kept going.  Dude's like eight feet tall.

View of downtown from the rooftop deck

Mssrs. Chris Cilla and Onsmith

Lizz Hickey and Bill Kartalopoulos

Nils Balls

Nicole J. Georges earns her Comic Book Merit Badge

The great Keiler Roberts

Just a friendly tap on the horn from Aaron "#4" Renier and Jeremy Tinder

JP, Jessica Campbell, and a smilier AR

Billy Ireland's Sooper Awesome Caitlin McGurk

CAKE organizer and all-around bon vivant Max Morris

Greg Means (R) reminds Alec Longstreth what it felt like when the Blazers made it past the first round

The always charming MariNaomi

Nicole models the new King-Cat brand Muumuu

And last but not least, my roommate Twiggy


  1. Hi John! This is going to sound weird... the first picture at the top of the page shows a table full of books and comics. You wouldn't happen to know the title and author of the book at the bottom left-hand corner, next to the one titled "Petty Theft", would you? Thank you!

  2. Dirtbags, Mallchicks and Motorikes (2009)http://www.davekcomics.com/book.html


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