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Thursday, December 8, 2022

THE STONEWARE JUG -- Available Now!

Stefan Lorenzutti is an American poet living with his family in a small house in the mountains of Poland, from which he and his wife run their Bored Wolves publishing imprint. From my first encounter, I was enchanted with their books– simple, beautiful, elegant, with none of the ponderous opacity that makes up so much contemporary poetry. A few years ago, Stefan and I collaborated on a print called “Whiz,” in which I adapted a short poem of his into comics form. It worked so well, we decided to do it twelve more times! The Stoneware Jug collects 13 comics-poems (including Whiz), that focus on the seasonal, mundane-but-transcendent experiences of domestic life: baking, laundry, ice. Fans of King-Cat will, I think, enjoy this very much. 28 pages, black ink on lovely soft paper, saddle-stitched, 7.875″ x 5.5″ (Co-Published by Nieves Books/Bored Wolves/Spit and a Half)

To order ONE copy directly, please send the following, via PayPal to johnp_kingcat AT hotmail DOT com:

USA: $9.40
CANADA: $10.00 USD

These prices include shipping in a plain manila envelope! If you prefer shipping with a cardboard backer in a padded envelope/box, please order from www.spitandahalf.com

To order a copy along with other comics, please visit www.spitandahalf.com

Thank you!
John P.