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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Monday morning I made plans to meet up with Gabrielle Bell and Tom K. for breakfast.  I had another cup of coffee, my second since 2005, and this time I didn't get a headache!  So look out world.  After Tom took off for the airport, Gabrielle, Julia, and I made a trek out to the mysterious "Greenpoint Nature Trail," which turned out to be an artful cement pathway along the East River.  Wow.

Inclined path at the entrance to the Trail, with peepholes.

"What the Butler Saw" (a view of the water treatment plant).

The path bends and heads down toward the river.

Turning basin, with junkyard.

Steps ominously leading down into the "water."

Nice garbage cans, though!

Unknown Industrial Facility.

By this point Julia and I had brought Gabrielle to tears with our untrammeled  vulgarity.

"Do not eat any fish or eels..."

Where the sidewalk ends...

We took much delight in the persistence of this graffiti artist, who used every last shake of his can to add this classic cock and balls to the picnic table at path's end.

Shocked and humbled by the Greenpoint Nature Trail.

Underneath the entry ramp we found this idyll of green.

God bless us all, everyone...


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  1. I'm not sure why, but this made me miss the U.S. in a painful way. This sounds weird coming from a stranger but I wish I'd been there with you guys. I wish I had more friends who make comics and go on excursions. Thanks for posting this.

    Kathy (fan, cat person and comics person in Thailand)