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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I woke up Thursday morning, in Waltham, Mass.  Packed up my stuff, and headed out early.  I was going to try to make it all the way to Cleveland, where Kevin Czap's luxurious couch awaited me.  Out west on I-90, there was snow.

Crossing the Berkshires

I thought about stopping in Albany to visit Porter, but he had pneumonia.  Above, the river.

Made it to Cleveland, no problem.  Met up with Kevin, jabbered a bit, and then ZZZZZZZZZ.

Next morning there was snow on my car, the first of the tour.  I had been worried the whole time about running into bad weather, and it was in the 50's and 60's until my last day.

Entering the Chicago Skyway.


* * *

Lo and behold, the day after I arrived home was the Milwaukee Zine Fest.  So I stocked up on comics and made my way down 43.

The Spit and a Half spread, MKE Zine Fest

S/H Auxiliary Box and table.

God, I love the midwest.

Another Satisfied Customer™.

- - -

MANY SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Kevin Czap and the Cleveland crew; John and Michele; Jim Rugg and Bill Boichel; Julia, Sarah and NYC homies; Brent at Ada; Cara Bean; and Tony at MYP.

I'm going to sleep now!

John P.

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