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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


One month and 7286 miles later, I'm back home from my tour of the Southeast!  I've been too tired/busy since then to download all my photos and get a tour diary up, but for the time being, here's some photos by Dan, and a (probably incomplete) 2010 Spring Tour Top Forty!

1. Pepsi Throwback (All-Cane Sugar formula)
2. Replacements: "Takin' a Ride"
3. Comics Symposium of Chicago (SAIC)
4. Quimby's reading 3/12/10

5. Chicago Zine Fest! Awesome!

6. Kicking Aaron Renier's Packer-loving ass.
7. AK Comics, Beloit, Wis., et al.
8. Visiting old friends, and seeing old places: Fred, Al Stark, Kate, Frank Kurtz
9. Sitting with Myoyu Roshi, Myoshinji, Monroe, Wis.
10. Metropolis, Ill. at two AM.
11. Cairo, Ill. in the early morning
16. Hitting up all three Great Escape comix shops in one hour, Nashville
17. Oxford Comics, Atlanta
18. Criminal Records, Atlanta
19. Sweetwater Branch Inn, Gainesville FL:  The nicest place I've ever lived!
20. Gainesville in General
21. Standing under the overhang waiting out the rain, with Dan; Gainesville
22. Lake Alice at night
23. Alligator hunting with Travis and Meredith


24.  Hanging out with Mom and Dad Oh (Rainbow River Fla.)

(This place really exists!)

25. SCAD, Savannah GA

26. Honey's Salon, Athens GA
27. Bizarro Wuxtry!!!

(They haven't opened yet, ed.)

28. R.E.M. History tour (P.O. Box, HQ, Church, etc)

29. HOLLIS FAMOUS RIBS, Athens GA: The best meal I've ever had

(Photo by Hollis)

30. Birmingham at night
31. Elvis' Birthplace, Tupelo MS

(John P. and Bobbie the Hostess, in the room where Elvis was born)

32. Howard at Tupelo Hardware

(Elvis bought his first guitar here, when he was ten years old)

33. Cats at Drew's place, NOLA

(JP and NOLA host Drew, up on the abandoned supermarket roof)

34. Bayou Country, Louisiana
35. Red Rice and Beans and Crawfish, Lake Arthur, LA
36. Domy Books, Houston

37. Sam and Tim and Holliday's place, Houston
38. Austin Books & Comics, Austin TX  -- AMAZING SHOP!

(JP at ABC signing)

39. Seeing Lainie for the first time in 15 years
40. Domy Books, Austin!
41. Congress Ave. Bats, Austin TX

(Those squidges are some of the 1.5 million bats that emerge from under the bridge every night at dusk)

42. Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant and Museum, Waco TX
43. Titan Comics, Dallas
44. Texas Steak Hunt, Dallas
45. Driving around OKC with Joey
46. Faygo Rock 'n' Rye
47. Atomik Pop, Norman OK!

48. Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa

(JP in the Cain's Ballroom front office, AKA Heaven)

49. Wichita BBQ
50. Getting back home at 1:30 AM

(I-70, Kansas)
(All photos by Dan Stafford, except where noted)


  1. Your "top 40" seems to be a top 50. Also, Meredith deserves to be at the top of your list.

  2. Nice! I'm sorry I missed you in Chicago. Looks like it was a packed house at Quimby's. Gainesville is great! Sweetwater Branch Inn--they really hooked you up! Did you have to make small talk at the breakfast table? :) Celia

  3. HAHAHA! You kicked my ass? MY ASS? (#6) You were the one that looked like you got caught in the headlights of an oncoming car! Like a DEER! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvY2LNjkIh0

  4. Izzy-- you're right! Meredith is #1 in my book.

    Celia-- Small talk was made!

    Aaron-- I watched that whole damn video, you bastard.

  5. Holy Crap! What an amazing tour! Graceland and Elvis' birthplace, and a ton of other stuff. Wow...

  6. I live in FL and went to an art high school in Jacksonville in the late 80's. Athens Ga. at the time when REM was helping to make that scene felt like our own cultural T party against the big NYC/LA colonizers. Suddenly Athens became the capital of the land of red clay and oak trees and palmettos and cicadas and cute hipster girls who dressed like grammas. Rainbow river was a theme park at one time called Rainbow springs complete with little plastic TV slide show viewers. Next Time you come through, maybe you could stop through St. Augustine , give a talk at the Flagler college Art Museum?

  7. Where is Hollis BBQ? We are not familiar.

    Did you get to Bizarro?

    My friends really enjoyed your stories. I am sad we missed them. Please "tour" to here again and hope we are in town cos you can stay with us, too. I wish for you to meet Oreo and Nilla.

    I love my drawings of Oreo and Nilla. They are the best. You are a fantastic artist!

  8. Russell-- I'd love to come to St. Augustine sometime... do you work at the Museum?

    Missy-- Hollis FR is where Walter's BBQ used to be, on that highway leading out of town...

    We did get to Bizarro. It was great! We had breakfast at the Grit, then walked around town in the morning. I loved it, I really loved Georgia in general... can't wait to go back!

    Glad you liked the drawrings!

  9. It was one thing I couldn't get used to in the US, the corn syrup replacing sugar in fizzy drinks. They just didn't taste right.


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