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Friday, April 23, 2010


The second annual DENVER COMIC FEST was held last weekend, and it was a lotta fun!  Highlights included picking up a bunch of old Jack Kirby KAMANDI comics and meeting TIM LANE, the artist behind Abandoned Cars from Fantagraphics.  We had a lot in common, including a shared love of red brick buildings and the Beats, so Noah and I took him on a little driving tour of Beat Generation Denver history, including: El Chapultepec, Kerouac's Little League diamond from On the Road, the Rossonian, Larimer Street, and the Colburn Hotel.

Seeing these old sights reminded me that back in 1992, when I was considering moving to Denver, the fact that the city was such a focal point in Beat history helped convince me to give it a try.  In my youthful innocence I thought, "If it was good enough for them, it must be okay!"

It turns out it was plenty OK.

The convention was a blast.  There's a real sense of community developing here in Denver among the comics scene.  It doesn't matter whether you're making zombie comics, superhero comics for DC, or melancholy comics about watching squirrels (ahem), but there's a place here for you, and people look out for each other and provide support and encouragement.  I think that's pretty cool.

BFFs: Noah Van Sciver and John P.
(Photo by Robin Edwards)

John P. draws...

...an elephant cover for a little girl!
(Photos by Bram Meehan)

Noah works on his job application for DC.
(Photo by Bram Meehan)

Indie Spinner Rack's Charlito ribs John P. while Noah tears up.
(Photo by Bram Meehan)

The mysterious Tim Lane -- 
Where did he come from?? What does he want???

Happy Hour in America #2 by Tim Lane: one of the greatest comic book covers I've ever seen!
(Available here, if I do say so myself, ahem hem...)

Day Two fatigue/delirium begins to set in. (Robin and Noah)

Spit and a Half table.

Dealer's Room.

Mo' Dealer's Room.

The suspicious Amy Reeder.

Patrick Hoover with his great new Outdoorsman GN.

Charlito and Frank are on the air.

That one fellow had his Daredevil™ sketchbook out.  This is Noah's contribution.

John Porcellino's Daredevil™ (pencils)

Perhaps the hit of the convention: Wülvereen vs. Star Trekk mini by Anonymous.

* * *

All photos by John P. except where noted.
Superman © DC
Daredevil © Marvel Comics Group


  1. looks like alot of fun. Sorry I missed it!

  2. Great blog post JP! I do agree that there is a lot of camaraderie within the Denver Scene! Glad you had a good time at the show, I did too!

  3. Great post John! It makes all the work worth it.


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