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Monday, September 20, 2010


In mid-August I headed back out on the road with my friend, the great cartoonist Noah Van Sciver.  I left from Gainesville and he left from Denver, and we met up in Chicago.  From there we went to Minneapolis for the brand new MIX Festival, and then out to the west coast and southwest before returning to Denver.  Here are some highlights...

* * *


I left Gainesville early on the morning of August 16, driving up through Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville and Paducah, and then into Illinois, where I stopped at a rest area outside Metropolis in the wee small hours of the morning.  At the rest area I encountered this beautiful but thrashed cat that looked awfully hungry.  Luckily, I had a can of chicken in the car.  I poured some water into a cup and opened the can for the cat, who came running.  She ate ravenously until it was all gone, then drank a bit of water.  After eating you could tell her vitality had really picked up and she seemed happy. 

After I fed her, I went back to the car to sleep.  She came up outside the driver's side door, and sat down on the asphalt with me, looking content.  I wish I could have taken her home with me.

I made it to my mom's house the next afternoon and immediately went over to visit my sister...  because a few days earlier she had found a shivering baby squirrel in her backyard being menaced by her dogs.  She took it out to the front yard where it would be safe from them and placed it under a bush.  It was still there the next day.  My sister loves animals, and it wasn't long before she brought the squirrel inside, got it some gerbil formula at the pet shop, and named it Peanut.

So, for the first time in my long-legged life, I got to know what it feels like to have a baby squirrel curl up in my hands and fall asleep.

I met Noah the next day, picking him up at Union Station in Chicago.  We went over to Quimby's, and then out to dinner with a bunch of friends.  The next day we packed up the car and drove to Minneapolis.  We made it to Big Brain Comics in time for a signing by Zak Sally, Will Dinski, Aaron Renier, and others, then crashed for the night in preparation for the big Minneapolis Indie Expo the next day.

John P. enjoys a Diet Dr Pepper® at MIX. 
Photo by Sarah Jordet.

I have always loved Minneapolis, and if it wasn't for the winters I would probably already be living there...  Anyhow, this was only its first year, but MIX was fantastic, and hopefully it will keep on going!

The next day we went out to Mount Holly to visit Mr. Mike and his family, then stopped back in town to have lunch with Zak before starting the LONG drive across the plains to Portland.

North Dakota


The tour is just beginning...

The guy can't stop drawing comics!

Full moon over Bozeman.

Montana sunset.

We made it Butte, Montana that night, and boy were we in for a surprise!  I must say I've never really thought about Butte before, but what we found there was incredible.  Butte is a decent-sized former copper-mining city, built on "the Richest Hill on Earth".  During its boom days it was one of the largest, most diverse communities in America.  Nowadays it's fallen on harder times a bit, but its beautiful downtown (the "Uptown" area, built on the hill) of Victorian-Western buildings is almost entirely intact. 

That night Noah and I drove to the top of the hill, in amazement...

The lights of Butte.

Partial view of downtown from the hill.

The remaining mining headframes are illuminated at night.  That's Noah walking up the hill.

We slept in the car that night, in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and awoke to a glorious dawn.

We headed into town, up the hill, to check out the old buildings.

(but first...)

Butte is home to a large Irish population, and its annual St. Patrick's day parade draws 30,000 people.

But, from Wikipedia:
"The larger and better known annual celebration is Knievel Days, held each summer. This event draws over 50,000 bikers and daredevils from across the world. The highlight of the event is when all participants share a moment of silence for the whole Knievel clan traditionally observed at 4:20 pm on the second day of the event. The moment is broken by five daredevils simultaneously jump[ing] 19 trucks while fireworks explode and fifty foot flames of fire shoot up through the trucks while God Bless America plays."

But time was a-wastin' and we headed out west again, towards Portland.

NEXT TIME: Western Montana to Portland, OR

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