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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Izzy and I were in the office one night when I heard a rustling from behind me.  I looked up and it was a pair of ding dang raccoons crawling around the window eating spiderwebs!  Wonderful!


  1. When ya live in Florida it's a given I suppose.
    We had snakes,giant lizards,possums,bunnies, raccoons,alligators, and the worst was a big ol fat diseased armadillo that decided to dig and live under our house.. It took days to get him out,and he did structural damage as well.
    The weirdest was peacocks , they lived down the street at someones ranch house, would escape daily and terrorize neighborhood kids and cats. If they planted themselves on your front lawn you didn't dare go out the front door cuz they'd go mid-evil on yer ass.. BWAHAHA
    I kinda like Denver cuz the chances of anything bigger than the occasional fox or coyote is it. Id rather run into a fox than an alligator any day! And I have HAD my alligator run it..You would pee yer pants too kiddies..
    tee hee


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