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Monday, January 10, 2011


FUCKIN DORK / FUZZY BOX is a set of 6 hand-pressed 9" x 12" (23cm x 30cm) lithographs (plus hand-pressed cover, same dimensions), printed on heavy weight, hand-torn Arches Rives paper, produced by John Porcellino in 1990, and assembled in a fleece-padded cardboard box in 2010. There is a signed and numbered edition of 20 copies, plus one Artist's Proof.

Materials include ink, permanent marker and spray paint on cardboard and paper, with fluorescent polyester fleece. One box also includes white duct-tape on the spine. All boxes include Artist's Statement on metallic gold card.

Prices includes shipping and handling (see below). These are first come, first served. Please write first to confirm availability: johnp_kingcat AT hotmail DOT com, or send me a Facebook message. Thank you!

John P.

(Click on images to enlarge...)

* * *

Inside the Box:

* * *

Alternate imagery:

Some of the boxes include variations, as noted below.

Some covers have faded text at the center, instead of pure white (non-printed) areas.  This was intentional.

Some copies of "Marigold" have the yellow layer (intentionally) printed 180 degrees off register.

Some copies of "Lighthearted Gold" have the title (intentionally) printed sideways.

(Boxes are assigned on a random basis)

* * *


  $180 + $15 shipping/handling ($195.00 USD total**)
CANADA:  $180 + $15 shipping/handling + $7 PayPal fees ($202.00 USD total)
ALL OTHER COUNTRIES:  $180 + $23 shipping/handling + $7 PayPal fees ($210.00 USD total)

Please contact me first to confirm availability and to arrange payment!

johnp_kingcat AT hotmail DOT com
or send me a message on Facebook

*(US customers who would like USPS insurance, please add $2.75. Sorry-- insurance is not available on international shipments.)

**($195.00 check/mo, $200.00 via PayPal)


* * *

* * *

"In 1985 I met a girl, and fell in love.  A few years later she fell in love.  Then she fell out of love, then she fell in love.  Then she fell out of love.  Afterwards, I spent a long time fucking up everything I could get my hands on.

In 1990 I made these prints.  I put them in a plastic bag from Dominick's Finer Foods.

{{many women, heartbreak, etc.}} 
In 2010 I met a girl, and we fell in love.  Then something happened, but I'm not sure what.  I didn't understand -- don't/do understand (what happened), perhaps don't want to understand, but mostly just -- --

I'm 42 years old.  I made these boxes, and now the plastic bag is empty.

John Porcellino
So. Beloit, IL
Dec. 30, 2010


  1. Those are gorgeous John!

  2. holy shit john those look SO BEAUTIFUL.
    no kidding.

  3. Thank you for posting these pictures for those of us who can't spend the $200. Boy I wish I could. The collector in me is suffering serious pangs. !


  4. Yeah, what he said.

  5. so pretty... but I'm so poor. Soon John, I'm gonna be all over some of your prints and drawings, they always look amazing. but until my own life disaster recovery fund gets off the ground, I'll just drool over these pictures.x

  6. Dammit. I assume these will go fast. If not, I'll probably have the scratch to buy one in a few months. Sending relief by brainwaves if not dollars.

  7. Thanks everyone. I know, we're all hurtin'. 2010 was a killer. Let's hope 2011 is rainbows for everyone! I mean it!

  8. I feel like I've been there too, maybe still am when I'm half-asleep at 3 am. Thanks for your brutal, beautiful honesty. Not everyone can make art out of it. Do you believe you might be one of the lucky ones? ... Rainbow wishes from Mary Lyons


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