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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Some of you may know that in the 1990's I ran a record label called Spit and a Half, and played in a rock band called the Felt Pilotes.  The most astute review the Felt Pilotes ever got during our career came from Euphony, a local metal zine, published out of Denver, Colorado.  They wrote:

"How many songs can you write with just three chords: D, G, and C?"

Strangely enough, that writer nailed our ethos on the head.

My friend Jon Pinnow, who is known for such things, has been assembling a Spit and a Half Bandcamp site.  What is Bandcamp?  It's a place you can go online to listen to and purchase music directly from the artists themselves.  So far we have all the Felt Pilotes releases up: The debut 7" single "Never Satisfied" (+2), the Moving Day ep, the 10 song album Wonderful Summer, and a couple rarities: Live 8/22/95, a recording of the group performing as a duo (including five otherwise unrecorded songs) at the Mercury Cafe in Denver, before a Debaser concert; and "Carol Aña," which was a "bonus track" previously available only on the Young Love: 92-95 cassette compilation.

Also up is Porky's Revenge, my one and only solo recording, and Profiles in Courage, a 4 band 8 track compilation of boom box punk from the 1980's that Maximum Rock n Roll called "Charming."

Please take a listen.  We'll be putting up more music as the DATs become available.

Thanks everyone!

John P.

Plus, here's a place to download a free needle-drop of my pre-Felt Pilotes band, Smile.  Our first and only official release.  Might as well mention that next year I'll begin work on a book-length comics version of the history of Smile...  just waiting for the accolades over Raina Telgemeier's book to slow down!


  1. i have been waiting a looooong time to get these felt pilotes vinyls digital. i tried encoding the vinyl, but it came out too quiet, so i spent about two hours looking for them online a few years ago. these songs have meant a lot to me ever since the night when i was a 15 year old sheltered suburban kid, i rode downtown on the bus. a junkie threatened to kill me and my friend (john gross) if we didn't get off the bus. this huge guy punched him in the face and broke his nose. still shaking from the shock, we found three people (felt pilotes) standing on a corner playing these songs. that moment let me know that no matter how shitty things get, there is always a lighthouse to guide you.

  2. John,
    Are you aware of the band Felt? I think you might like them.
    -- Dean


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