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Thursday, September 19, 2013


The other day I went on a quest to locate some old artwork for a show coming up in Sheboygan this November--  I was looking for the oversized original pages for "Suburban Dreams" from King-Cat #59.  I found them in a large flat box that had all sorts of other cool stuff in it that I hadn't seen in a decade, if not more...  Most of these date from the late-Elgin period of 2000-2002, but some are earlier.  I thought I'd post some of it here.

Spread from "Suburban Dreams."  I usually draw at 100%, but this is one of the few cases where I drew oversized (each page is 11.75" x 18").  I drew it in black colored pencil, and had to use the blueprint machine at Kinko's to reduce to King-Cat size.

Julie Doucet silkscreen, printed on the stock pages of the Globe and Mail.

Another Julie Doucet poster.

"Listen Close," my 9/11 comic, reformatted to fit the pages of Chicago's New City newspaper for their annual comics issue.

Another oversized comic that I'd completely forgotten I'd drawn.  Never published.

Original drawing for Comics Journal #241 cover, 2002.

Hand-colored photocopy mosaic of 1923 USGS topographical maps from the Elgin area.

My comic for TCJ's Cartoonists on Music Special.  I guess I was really into drawing oversize at this point!

Photocopy of artwork for cover of Denver's Hooligan magazine, 1994.

Oil pastel drawing of one of the saddest moments of my life, late 80's.

Charcoal drawing of Marshmallow and the Old Man, before she became my cat, 1989. 18" x 24".

Pre-King-Cat comic drawn after discovering Julie D.'s comics, never published.  18" x 24" 

Charcoal and acrylic study for a painting, probably 1987 or 88.

Original art for Newshole #4 cover, ink on photocopy, 1992.

 Non 5 promotional poster by Brian Ralph

Original pages from early King-Cats that were included in a show at Angouleme, 2002.

More Angouleme pages (with Maisie hairs).

18" x 24" painting with collage on paper, circa 1988?  You can see how the charcoal from the Marshmallow drawing (above) transferred to the paint, as they were stored facing each other.

Acrylic on paper study for "Belmont Harbor" (painting, 1988?)

Page from Seattle's The Stranger, 1995, with me and Archer Prewitt.

Baltimore City Paper, 1993.

Wraparound cover for Cake magazine, by Mr. Mike.

Old Virgo Snakes flyer.

Poster for one of the Felt Pilotes' last shows, 1995.

Promo poster for Flywheel's Dirty on the Shovel CD, 1996.
(Artwork by David Nichols)

Promo poster for the Virgo Snakes CD, 1996.

Original art for Virgo Snakes poster.  It's called "paste-up," kids!


  1. I was just gathering my stuff for the Sheboygan show on Tuesday.

    I loved the blueprint machine at Kinko's. I used to use it to take small sketchbook drawings and blow them up to large poster size. You get a great line from that, all the little bleeds and texture come out.

  2. Mike Haeg! Awesome to see you at Autoptic last month. I remember that issue of Cake and your cover for it very, very well. I wish you still did comics.

    John P, super cool post! Esp love "Belmont Harbor."

  3. Woah! There are some gems in that batch. It's good to see them. and ((((Marshmallow)))

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